Biochrom Hydrocell Columns

Established in 1990, BioChrom Labs, Inc., is dedicated to developing and manufacturing polymeric materials using patentable and proprietary technologies. HYDROCELL HPLC Columns and packing materials are specifically designed for the fast separation and analysis of proteins, polypeptides, polynucleotides, oligonucleotides, small drugs and organic compounds.

Separation Modes include: Ion Exchange, Hydrophobic Interaction, Non-Porous High Speed, Nucleic Acid, Size Exclusion, Reverse Phase

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  • Fast Separation
  • High Resolution & Efficiency
  • High Loading Capacity
  •  Wide pH range 1-14

Unlike conventional silica based HPLC Columns, these polymeric columns offer high speed, high resolution and efficiency. They are chemically resistant, and can be operated continuously at a wide pH range of 1 to 14. These columns can be cleaned with 1 M NaOH, 1 M HCl solution or organic solvents.


The packing materials are developed from highly cross-linked PS-DVB polymeric beads, which have mechanical strength; they can be operated under high speed and high flow rate separation. The high pressure limit is 4000 psi.

Biocompatible-Coating is based on novel surface modification reagents and processes developed by BioChrom Labs. The surface modification reagents have a hydrophilic oligomer backbone structure with chemically bonded hydroxyl functional groups on the surface that can be derived to change the surface chemistry. Biocompatible-Coating is ideal for medical devices and industrial coating applications.