Ceri L-Columns

Column developed in pursuit of convenience and high performance

L-column series is the column for reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) that enabled separation only by hydrophobic interaction because of inhibition of the secondary interaction with residual silanol groups and metal impurities. In 1990, the new end-capping method using high-temperature silylation was invented. The performance of L-column ODS developed using this method was far superior to that of existing C18 columns, and it became a pioneer of the new-generation end-capping method. L-column2 ODS, surpassing L-column ODS in performance, was developed by upgrading the end-capping method. There is now a demand for RP-HPLC columns capable of both handling various issues of trace analysis due to the popularization of LC/MS(/MS) and providing advanced analytical precision. L-column2 ODS is an ideal column for meeting this demand.


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CERI L-Column

CERI L-Column 2

CERI L-Column Micro

CERI L-Column C8

CERI L-Column

CERI L-Column C6 Phenyl

CERI L-Column 2 Metal Free

CERI L-column ODS-P is ideal for the analysis of proteins and peptides.