April 19, 2017

Pittcon 2017: Evaluation of 5 Kinds of 2 μm and Sub 2 μm C18 Columns Based on Separation Behavior

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A column packed with 2.6 μmor 2.7 μmsuperficially porous particle has been widely used on HPLC and UHPLC, because it showed not only excellent column efficiency but also lower back pressure than sub-2 um column. Recently 2.0 μmand less than 2.0 μmsuperficially porous C18 columns were developed and have been available. In this study, 3 kinds of 2.0 μmand 1.7 μmsuperficially porous C18s and one totally porous hybrid C18, one totally porous monodisperse C18 were evaluated regarding efficiency, hydrogen bonding capacity, hydrophobicity, steric selectivity as well as peak shape of acidic, basic and metal chelating compounds. Compared C18 columns were SunShellC18 2 μm, AscentisExpress C18 2 μm, KinetexC18 1.7 μm, AcquityBEH C18 1.7 μmand Titan C18 1.9 μm. Furthermore, efficiency loss due to frictional heating which yielded under high pressure and at high flow rate was observed. This efficiency loss was larger for a totally porous C18 than a superficially porous C18. Especially totally porous hybrid C18 showed the largest efficiency loss because of the lowest thermal conductivity