Sunshell C18 2.6um


Secure your analysis with SunShell hardcore column technology Unique bonding technology combined with core shell particles gives you faster performance and more reliable results. The SunShell technique assures top efficiency with all kinds of LC and UHPLC systems.

1.6 µm and 3.4 µm of core and 0.5 µm and 0.6 µm of superficially porous silica layer. . Same efficiency and high throughput as a Sub-2 µm and 3 µm particle. . Same pressure as a 3 µm and 5 µm particles. . Same chemistry as Sunniest technology (reference figure below). . Good peak shape for all compounds such as basic, acidic and chelating compounds. . High stability (pH range for SunShell C18, 1.5 to 10). . Low bleeding.


SunShell C18 shows same efficiency as a Sub 2 µm C18. In comparison between fully porous 2.6 µm and core shell 2.6 µm (SunShell), SunShell shows lower values for A term, B term and C term of Van Deemter equation. The core shell structure leads to higher performance compared with the fully porous structure. Furthermore back pressure of SunShell C18 is less than a half compared to Sub-2 µm C18s.