SunShell by Chromanik HPLC Column (Coreshell Particle)

Your North American Source for Sunshell HPLC Columns.

Features of Sunshell HPLC Include:

  • 1.6 um od core and 0.5 um of superficially porous silica
  • Core Shell particle bonded with polyfunctional C18 (SunShell C18)
  • Showed two times higher retention factor than other main coreshell competitors.
  • SunShell C18 had 7 to 100 times higher loading capacity of amitriplytine than the other core shell C 18's.
  • SunShell C18 is stable under acidic and basic conditions compared with other core shell C18's
  • Showed less bleeding under a typical LC/MS conditions.
  •  High stability – pH range for SunShell® C18 is 1.5 to 10.
  • More SunShell columns will be introduced within the next couple of months, such as SunShell® Hilic Amide,
  • SunShell RP Guard Filter is recommended as a guard column for any reversed phase.