Sunrise C18 & C28 Octacocyl Group, Sunrise PhE Phenethyl Group

Features of each Sunrise Column:

· Conventional C18 phase with full end-capping

· A long alkyl chain improves  both separation of fat-soluble compounds to compare with C18 phase and an excellent reproducibility in retention under high aqueous conditions.
· A suitable ligand density of C28 allows to be obtained a peak shape even if more than 50% aqueous mobile phase is used. 
· Different selectivity

· Interaction based with π-electron such as  π-π interaction
· π-electron also interacts with a polar site of a compound, so that phenyl phase improves separation of polar compounds.  Ethylene chain between silica surface and phenyl group allows a movable sphere of a phenyl group to be wide. A chain with more than three carbons shows more hydrophobic interaction, so that π-electron interaction decreases relatively. 
· Phenethyl (PhE) group is a suitable phenyl phase.