Multi-Mode Separation Sunrise C18 and C18-SAC Silanol Activity Controlled C18

Sunrise C18

  • Fully end--capped C18 column

  • Full end-capping after silanol activity control

  • Reducing adsorption of an extremely basic compound

  •  A good peak shape for metal chelating compounds

  •  Widely available for general reversed-phase separations

Sunrise C18-SAC

  • Takes advantage of effective silanol interaction

  • Reducing silanol groups with high active adsorption activity

  • The new separation mechanism including hydrogen bond and ion--exchange interaction

  • Effective for separation of a basic compound and a polar compound

  • Different selectivity and improvement of separation without changing a mobile phase


Multi- mode separation is achieved on Sunrise Series (pg. 4 of Catalog)

  • Sunrise C18-SAC is bonded with octadecylsilane on  pure silica gel and controls its silanol activity without end-capping.
  • Its carbon content is 14%.
  • Separation on Sunrise C18-SAC is done including hydrogen bond and ion-exchange interaction based on silanol groups except for hydrophobic interaction.
  • Control of pH and salt concentration of a mobile phase regulates retention.

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