Reglo ICC, Independent Channel Control Peristaltic Pump

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We are pleased to announce the New Reglo ICC, Independent Channel Control Peristaltic Pump.

Expand the power of your peristaltic pumping application!

By providing individually addressable control of each fluidic channel, the new Ismatec® Reglo ICC eliminates the clutter of multiple pumps on the bench top as well as allowing you, the scientist, to solve your application complexity in a single pump.

Volumetric Dispense

  • Continuous pumping or precision dispensing
  • Flexibility of bi-directional flow in each channel
  • Easy-to-use tubing cassettes allow quick changeovers
  • Independent channel calibration minimizes the tube to tube differences resulting in the best calibration accuracy possible in a multichannel peristaltic pump
  • New easy-to-use USB interface makes connections quickly


Technical Specifications

  • One, two, or three channels
  • Independent flow control on each channel
  • Flow range per channel: 0.002 to 35 mL/min
  • PC control or keypad control

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