ProtEx SP


HPLC Columns for Protein Separation

MCI GEL ProtEx-SP has been developed for cation-exchange HPLC separation of proteins. Base material of ProtEx-SP is designed for high resolution and quantitative recovery of proteins.  It consists of 5-micron monodispersed, porous polymethacrylate particles. 

The surface of the base material is completely covered with hydrophilic layer which is chemically stable, and sulfopropyl cation-exchange functionality is covalently bonded to the hydrophilic layer.  The structure of ProtEx-SP enables the cation-exchange functionality to work more effectively than those of conventional base materials, and non-specific adsorption of proteins is totally eliminated.  

MCI GEL ProtEx-SP provides high separation efficiency, so it would be applicable for the separation of proteins of small structural differences, ex. isoforms. 

Proteins of small amount can be quantitatively recovered, thus ProtEx-SP is suitable for the micropurification of proteins.