Prep Scale Degasser

The Biotech Prep Scale Degasser is built for the rigors of modern preparative and semi-prep scale HPLC, or when higher degassing capacity is required. Its unique design assures reliable continuous operation and the highest level of continuous performance available. The chamber is of a dual channel configuration, allowing two solvent lines to be degassed simultaneously by one unit. 

Systec AF Degassing Technology

The prep / semi-prep scale degassing chambers are designed to be easy to prime, and are configured with a Systec AF degassing membrane to provide maximum degassing capacity with the absolute minimum internal volume (<3% of PTFE designs with comparable degassing capacity).

The standard prep scale design has its internal degassing membrane configured as a dual lumen tubing coil assembly, optimal for low-pressure mixing LC applications.

· Ultra-high degassing efficiency
· Low volume
· Easy priming
· Dual lumen design for low-flow resistance