Nucleic Acid Columns / Ion Exchange Chromatography

Ion Exchange Chromatography

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The separation of synthetic oligonucleotides of defined length and sequence, and the separation of DNA restriction fragments are required for modern genetic engineering and in molecular biology. The ion exchange columns, HYDROCELL NS 1500 was developed specifically for the purification of PCR products, short nucleic acids from two to forty or more nucleotide residues and DNA restriction fragments of up to 1000 base pairs. NS 1500 is produced from 10 µm of highly cross-linked PS-DVB beads with pore diameter of 500 Å.pBR322 and pUC18 / Hae III digest DNA markers were used as model samples of DNA restriction fragments. At room temperature, these fragments were efficiently resolved on a HYDROCELL nucleic acid column.

The major advantages of HYDROCELL Nucleic Acid Columns are:

 High resolution and sensitivity:

  • Stability in buffers from pH 1 to 14 allows denaturing of DNA
  • Temperature limit of 80° C allows denaturing of DNA
  • Pressure limit up to 4000 psi allows fast equilibration / clean-up
  • Low back pressure for easy scale-up