MOD 2003 Stand Alone Degasser


MOD 2003 Stand Alone Degasser

On-Line degassing has been shown to be the more effective at removing dissolved gas from mobile phases than sonication or helium-sparging.

Up to five solvent lines can be degassed simuntaneously by one unit. The extremely low volume of each Teflon® AF channel (480 microliters) offers very quickly equilibration and very short start-up times.

The new Teflon® AF membrane outperforms the older Teflon® PTFE membranes used in many other degassing systems today. This translates into the ability to use shorter tubing for removal of dissolved gasses.

  • Considerably shorter equilibration / reequilibration times

  • Very easy to prime

  • Short vacuum pull-down times, typically 3 minutes

  • Teflon® AF has the ability to remove pre-pump bubbles formed by cavitation vs bubbles formed by off-the-floor eluent reservoirs are less of a reliability issue


Number of Channels: 2, 3, 4 or 5
Internal Channel Volume: 480 microliter
Wetted Parts: Peek and Teflon® AF
Height: 5.0 in (127mm)
Width: 2.87 (74mm)
Depth: 9.81 (249mm)
Power: 15 to 24 VDC @ 0.85 A max (0.5 A typical)
Weight: 6lb (2.7kg)


We introduce the ZHCR® (Zero Hysteresis Constant Run) stepper motor driven vacuum pump, specifically designed and developed for membrane degassing of HPLC mobile phase.
Employing a micro-stepping closed-loop vacuum control strategy permits the pump to maintain a constant vacuum letel set-point (50 mmHg) by varying the RPM of the stepper motor. The pump initially runs at a high speed which provides for a quick pull-down and, as it approaches the vacuum control point, the RPM is gradually reduced until the desired vacuum level is reached. This patented control strategy allows the On-Line Degasser to maintain a virtually constant vacuum that is unaffected by varying degassing loads. As a consequence, fluctuations in baseline due to vacuum hysteresis are eliminated by not having the pump repeatedly stop and start as is done in many older and existing systems.

  • Extremely quiet operation

  • Long life Expectancy – 5 years continous run

  • Pump head purge eliminates need for purge valve

  • Eliminate baseline flucuations due to the vacuum pump

  • Short vacuum pull-down times, typically 3 minutes