Chromanik Sunniest C18,C18-UHPLC, RP-AQUA, C8, PhE, PFP


A novel bonding technique (pat. Pending) with a unique trifunctional silylreagent was developed. This silyl reagent can bond with any silanol groups on silica surfaces

Sunniest columns provides the researcher and developer with an array of tools for the purification of complex biological samples such as proteins, peptides, polypeptides, nucleic bases, nucleotides etc.

Sunniest offers excellent reproducibility also under 100% aqueous conditions.

Features Include:

  • Little residual silanol groups through unique bonding technique
  • Excellent stability under acidic pH conditions
  • Sharp peak shape for acidic, basic chelating compounds
  • RP-AQUA is available under 100% aqueous conditions, and shows
  • enhanced retention of polar compounds


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